How to block YouTube channels.

How to block YouTube channels.

Why to block certain YouTube Channels? Because, when you watch a video on YouTube, you receive suggestions to view also other YouTube channels that you 're not interest in. (e.g. Porn, Adult, etc.).

By design, YouTube doesn't give users the option to block YouTube channels from appearing.
The only security setting that YouTube offers is the "Restricted Mode" settings that gives you the ability to hide videos which are flagged by other users as inappropriate content (adult, violence, etc.). The problem with YouTube's "Restricted Mode" is that it is temporary, unless you sign-in to YouTube with your account and applies only at the current web browser (you have to enable "restricted Mode" on all web browsers you 're using).

* Note: If you want to enable "Restricted Mode", scroll down at YouTube's page and set the "Restricted Mode" to "ON".

youtube restricted mode on off

In this tutorial you 'll learn how to block all videos from specific YouTube channels in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Unfortunately I haven't found yet a way to block YouTube channels in Internet Explorer.


How to block YouTube Video Channels.

Step 1. Download VideoBlocker.

1. Download and install VideoBlocker* extension in your web browser.

  • Download Video Blocker for Google Chrome.
  • Download Video Blocker for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Download Video Blocker for Opera.

* By using Video Blocker you can:

  • Block all videos from channels specified by you.
  • Block groups of channels by using wildcards.
  • Block videos by keywords in their titles.
  • Add channels by right-clicking links to videos on
  • Add channels, wildcards and keywords manually by using the extension settings panel.

youtube video channel blocker


2. After installing VideoBlocker, navigate to YouTube's page. There you should notice the Video Blocker icon image at the right end of the address bar.

channel blocker


Step 2. How to use Video Blocker to block certain YouTube channels

1. Click to visit the Channel that you want to block.

block channel


2. Highlight the channel name and then right-click and select Copy.

channel block


3. Click the Video Blocker icon imageand click at plus (+) sign.

channel blocker


4. Right-click and Paste (or you can type it manually) the name of the YouTube channel that you want to block (e.g. "WinTipsOrg").

block youtube video


5. Specify that this is a Channel and then click the Confirm image button.

block youtube video channel


6. From now on, all videos from that channel will be blocked.

7. You can perform the same actions to block any other channel(s) or video(s) (by name or keyword) you want.


How to remove the blocking for a channel.

1. Click the Video Blocker icon

2. At blocked channels list, locate the name of the channel that you want to unblock.

unblock youtube channel


3. Click once at the channel's name and click Unblock.

block channel youtube


You 're done!  Let me know if this guide has helped you by leaving your comment about your experience. Please like and share this guide to help others.

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